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OEM Facilities & Capabilities

Our mature technology, high-efficiency work process and experienced with cost controlling and quality management enables your products to satisfy the market.

Extraction Service

Bionutricia Manufacturing is located at Taman Perindustrian Sungai Buloh, Kota Damansara, houses state-of-the-art pilot and commercial scale extraction equipments and fully equipped GMP certified manufacturing facility.

In June 2018, our extraction facility started to produce its own food ingredients and active ingredients derived from local plants and herbs. Currently, our extraction facility is still expanding and has also opened its door to offer its services to external party.

Commercial Scale Spray Dryer

  • Accurate temperature controlled by PID
  • Products feeding by peristaltic pump
  • Suitable for foods items


  • Accurate temperature controlled by PID
  • Equipped with PHEs for heating up and cooling down
  • Solvent can be collected at collecting tank

Powder Pouch Filling Machine

  • Equipped with propeller mixer to mix at high speed
  • Equipped with PHE to prevent solvent loss

Static Dryer

  • Can achieve temperature up to 80°C

Multi Stage Strainer

  • Filter extract under high pressure at low mesh size in minutes

Hot Water Kettle

  • Hot water kettle to produce steam


  • High power probe based ultrasonic to achieve high extraction efficiency


  • Achieve emulsifying or encapsulating in minutes


  • Able to pulverize into as low as 3mm