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Spout Pouch (Liquid)

Spout Pouch designing with strong sealing, reusable. Stand-up designing, elegant generous appearance. Strong sealing, pressure and drop resistance, non-breakage, non-leakage. Convenient to use, store and carry.

  • We can fill liquid ranging from 25g to 40g

Sachet (Liquid Jelly & powder)

Our packaging department ensures all products are packed accordingly to specification; all bottles are cleaned using our latest air jet bottle cleansing machine to ensure hygiene. This sachet packaging machine is able to run batches of 250,000 sachets per day.

  • Powder sachet can fit between 2g to 35g
  • Liquid/Jelly Sachet can fit between 2g to 20g

Powder Sachet (3-side seal)

Powder Sachet (pillow seal)

All side seal

Liquid (glass & plastic)

After research & development is scientifically standardized & tested. With proven efficacy formulation, quality raw materials & extracts are mixed in homogenizer and are sterilised before made into liquid and powder supplement.

  • We can fill liquid ranging from 10 ml to 2 Litre

Chewable Tablet

Chewable tablets are a convenient alternative to conventional tablets. They have the great advantage of not requiring water, which means that they can be taken at any time and in any place. Size of Tablet ranging from 150 mg to 2000 mg Benefits of chewable tablets

  • Create a more ‘user-friendly’ experience
  • Eliminate need to take water with tablets
  • Increase compliance
  • Convert poorly soluble APIs into user-friendly form
  • Overcome swallowing difficulties
  • Reduce risk of esophagitis

Stand pouch & tubs

We offer convenient packaging for products that need higher serving size or brand-owner who want to minimize the use of packaging materials. Stand pouches and tubs are the popular choice for sports nutrition.

  • From 200g to 2kg and above