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Patent Cert 2038

We provide service & product as follow:

~ varieties of extracts in both powder & liquid form
~ varieties of bean / rice / grain in grinded / hydrolysed form
~ customised formulation to solve technical issue
~ contract extraction service in standardized & phytosome form
~ contract spray dry, grinding service
~ contract processing & packing service in liquid / powder / tablet form
~ oem health food in powder, liquid & tablet form

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Bionutricia is the pioneer in developing patented liposomal encapsulation technology in vitamin, mineral, amino acid & nutraceutical/supplement formulation.

Liposomal drug delivery systems are very effective in the delivery of vaccines and genes due to their adjuvant property and targeting ability which elicit the immune response of the body through antibody formation and corrected gene inputs.

Liposomes are a popular type of drug delivery system, particularly in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplement industries. They provide many advantages for consumers of nutritional supplements.


Advantages of liposomal

Improved bioavailability
Encapsulating active ingredients in liposomes helps to ensure they reach the bloodstream, since it offers solubilisation and protection.

Facilitates absorption of the active ingredient
Encapsulating active ingredients in liposomes helps to ensure they reach the bloodstream, since it offers solubilisation and protection.

Improved stability of the active ingredient in the body
Liposome technology helps the active ingredient to be absorbed more easily in the intestine, and stops it from breaking down too quickly. This helps the ingredient to stay stable, and gives it a stronger effect.

Enables advanced release
The liposome has the unique ability to simultaneously absorb and release two materials with different solubilities.

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One-Stop Service Solution customizable for our valued customers. Focus on all stages of the manufacturing process from raw materials to final ingredients and its application solutions industries.

Contract Extraction

Manufactured & supply all natural food, beverage & herbal extract ingredient.

One Stop Service

We focus on all stages from idealisation to final product and its application solutions in the industries.

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We produce and commercialize plant based extract and active fraction from local herbal species in GMP, HACCP, JAKIM HALAL & KOSHER certified Facilities.

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